Established in 1991, the promotion and development of non-wood forest products (NWFP) is one of the priority areas of FAO's Forestry Department. Our mission is to improve the sustainable utilization of NWFP in order to contribute to the wise management of the world's forests, to conserve their biodiversity, and to improve income generation and food security. 

The programme accomplishes this mission through three main areas:


It’s all organic: Finns could certify almost all picking areas of wild berries Up to 99 per cent of Finland’s forests could be certified as organic. Even now, Lapland is the world’s largest contiguous area for picking organic berries. The Finns love their healthy and wholesome forest berries. Especially bilberries and lingonberries are picked all over Finland in July and August. The famous everyman’s rights allow people to pick commonly found berries in every forest and even in national parks. [more]
Participate in our survey on NWFPs! Help the FAO Forestry Department by taking this short survey on non-wood forest products! [more]
The open consultation on the draft document on NWFP statistical classification has been extended to 16 September 2016! Readers are cordially invited to participate by submitting input by email to . Please include your full name, organization, phone number and complete mailing or email address. A final report will be formulated based on feedback. This activity will lay a solid foundation for improvement in the data collection of NWFPs at the national, regional and global levels. [more]

last updated:  Friday, August 12, 2016