Established in 1991, the promotion and development of non-wood forest products (NWFP) is one of the priority areas of FAO's Forestry Department. Our mission is to improve the sustainable utilization of NWFP in order to contribute to the wise management of the world's forests, to conserve their biodiversity, and to improve income generation and food security. 

The programme accomplishes this mission through three main areas:


Non-timber forest products: the way forward for the rural woman? Historically, NTFP gathering and food crop cultivation were mainly for domestic use. But those days are gone — the opening of remote areas, better access to urban markets, and new opportunities of income have motivated women and men in forest communities to be actively involved in the sale of NTFPs and agricultural products in order to make more money. [more]
NWFP Update 2014/02 Welcome to our first issue for 2014, which will focus on the institutional dimensions of NWFPs and the degree to which legal and institutional frameworks on NWFPs should be improved. [more]
Morocco - Plants could be at the root of new jobs A new photo story ” Plants could be at the root of new jobs ” has been released by the EU Neighbhourhood Info Centre, highlighting the achievements of an EU-funded research project in Morocco. [more]

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