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FAO Forestry Papers

The FAO Forestry Paper series is FAO’s main series in forestry. Most volumes are published in several languages.

FAO Forestry Paper 173: Multiple-use forest management in the humid tropics The multiple-value of forests has long been appreciated and used by forest-dependent people in the tropics. Explicitly managing for some or all of these values - multiple-use forest management - is stipulated in the laws of many countries, but its formal implementation in the tropics is thought to be rare. This paper reports on three regional assessments carried out to identify and draw lessons from on-the-ground initiatives in the Amazon Basin, the Congo Basin and Southeast Asia. [more]
FAO Forestry Paper 172: Climate change guidelines for forest managers The effects of climate change and climate variability on forest ecosystems are evident around the world and further impacts are unavoidable, at least in the short to medium term. Addressing the challenges posed by climate change will require adjustments to forest policies, management plans and practices. These guidelines have been prepared to assist forest managers to better assess and respond to climate change challenges and opportunities at the forest management unit level. The actions they propose are relevant to all kinds of forest managers – such as individual forest owners, private forest enterprises, public-sector agencies, indigenous groups and community forest organizations. They are applicable in all forest types and regions and for all management objectives. [more]

From the regions

Asia and the Pacific

Edible insects in Lao PDR Building on tradition to enhance food security [more]

Near East

Forests and Climate Change Working Paper - 09 [more]


Europe and Central Asia

FAO Forestry in Europe FAO Forestry’s projects in Europe 2010–2013 [more]

Latin America and the Caribbean

Provides a synthesis of experience and achievements in the financing of forest management in 19 Latin American countries. [more]


African youth in agriculture, natural resources and rural development [more]


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