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FAO Forestry Papers

The FAO Forestry Paper series is FAO’s main series in forestry. Most volumes are published in several languages.

From the regions

Asia and the Pacific

Assessing and promoting trees outside forests in Asian rice production landscapes Planted or naturally regenerated trees scattered throughout rice production landscapes or in and around agricultural plots, in the pilot sites and elsewhere, have proven to be excellent sources of goods and services to increase the socio-economic and environmental sustainability of agricultural landscapes. [more]


Near East

Forests and Climate Change Working Paper - 09 [more]


Europe and Central Asia

FAO Forestry in Europe FAO Forestry’s projects in Europe 2010–2013 [more]

Latin America and the Caribbean

#image($pageItem, $entry) Provides a synthesis of experience and achievements in the financing of forest management in 19 Latin American countries. [more]


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