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Re: Indigenous methods of food preparation: what is their impact on food security and nutrition?

Violet Kadenyeka Mugalavai
Violet Kadenyeka MugalavaiChepkoilel University CollegeKenya

I would like to add my voice to this discussion as it comes to closure.

Indigenous knowledge systems in the aspect of food need to be preserved continously for future generations to tap into them. We also have migrations or change of context  due to employment, or cultural tourists who would be interested in sampling traditional foods of different communities. This may lead to economic gains for the indigenous host and enables social integration and allows learning, fantasy and discovery and eventual acculturation of individuals or groups.  This  process of cross cultural adoption enables people to perceive, figure out the relative advantage of the food, compare the food they are experiencing with their own existing belief and value systems through various stages such as observations over time in the process of acculturation so as to reduce ethnic discrimination, figure out the complexity involved in the preparation, the symbolic and cultural perspective of the different foods and the enjoyment of the culture together with the other codes and cluster of attributes that go with the context within which indigenous foods are experienced and enjoyed through the subject-object interaction.

Thank you.