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Re: Bee products: providing nutrition and generating income - Honeybees, beekeeping and bee products in our daily lives

Charlotte Lietaer

Dear all,

Beekeeping is a wonderful world that we must respect and protect, and that can also be an important source of income for many households around the world.  If you are an extension worker, a beekeeping trainer, have a beekeepers’ soul and want to start beekeeping or upscale your beekeeping activity, we invite you to have a look at the information available on the TECA Knowledge base and the TECA Beekeeping Exchange Group which is a good opportunity for beekeepers and stakeholders involved in beekeeping to exchange information and knowledge.

TECA is FAO’s online platform for the exchange of practical information for smallholder farmers.  You can find there a wide range of technologies and practices that have been tested by farmers related to agriculture, livestock and crop production, forestry, beekeeping, fishery and aquaculture, capacity development, nutrition, etc. Practices are explained in an easy to understand language and format so that they can be easily implemented by farmers.

Best regards,

The TECA Team.