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Re: Harnessing the benefits of ecosystem services for effective ecological intensification in agriculture

John Kazer
John KazerCarbon TrustUnited Kingdom

To be honest, I get very confused by the terminology.  "Climate Smart", "Ecological", "Sustainable" can all be "Intensified" - but the general issue is the same.  Do we need to intensify and if so how?

So an answer to question one for me would be to focus on the key issues of national land management - soil quality improvement, how much forest cover, how much space for biodiversity and agri-food policy (how much food/nutrition production do we actually want).

Specific questions of what trees, biodiversity or food stuffs to produce and how come later and must be done on an individual farm basis.  E.g. a farm may choose to raise yields and income with extra fertilizer or take extra income from eco-services.

Good data from farms about these factors (so we can aggregate data to the national level) plus high quality individual farm outreach are fundamental to translate national land policy into action in ways that suit local conditions and farmer goals.  A two-way conversation.

See for current work in the UK on this concept.