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Re: Online consultation for developing the Code of Conduct for the Management of Fertilizers

Annah Mutinda
Annah MutindaMinistry of Agriculture Livestock and FisheriesKenya

Given the global scope of the CoCoFe, do you think the objectives are appropriate?  If not, how would you add to them or modify them?

The objectives are appropriate and also sufficient since they cover practices/expectations from manufacture (ensuring the fertilizers meet the quality standards on heavy metals and nutrient content) to application in the farms (maintaining and increasing food safety)

How should be the CoCoFe be structured to have the maximum positive impact?

It should cover code of conduct by fertilizer manufacturers, distributors and farmers. It should also provide for enforcement mechanisms and a recognition system for those abiding by the code. To this end, it should provide for institutional arrangements for implementation at the global, regional and country levels.

Who would be the best audience for the CoCoFe to meet our objectives and how could we broaden and diversify this audience to increase its influence?

While concurring with other participants that best audience for the CoCoFe would fertilizer manufacturers, Distributors and farmers (actually misuse of fertilizers happens at the farm, resulting to environmental pollution), I would add that the Government ministries responsible for agriculture, industry, trade and standards should be reached with the CoCoFe. Extension service providers (government, NGOs, Private) would also be part of the audience. 

What should the scope of the CoCoFe be? Which nutrient input sources should be included; only synthetic fertilizers, or also manure, biosolids, compost, etc.?  Should other products such as bio-stimulants, nitrification inhibitors, urease inhibitors, etc., be included as well?

Since the CoCoFe is not a prescriptive document, it should cover all functions along the fertilizer supply chain. It should provide for code of conduct for manufacturers, distributors and users of all fertilizers be they inorganic, organic or biofertilizers.

Will the CoCoFe assist in promoting responsible and judicious use of fertilizers?  Why or why not?  What other suggestions do you have to help the CoCoFe meet our objectives? 

Yes I believe it will promote responsible and judicious use of fertilizers and especially if accompanied by proper implementation and enforcement mechanisms as well as a reward/sanctions system. A lot of sensitization for awareness creation and capacity building the stakeholders will also be required.