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Re: Eradicating extreme poverty: what is the role of agriculture?

Mohammad Abdul Mazid
Mohammad Abdul MazidIFPRI/HarvestPlus WashingtonBangladesh

Food and Nutrition security of ultra poor (about 10-12 % of total population) and poor where hard to reach them by Micro Credit Program is really an issue. We should reach them through safety net programs as well as ensuring assets transfer, employment generation, links with basic health service, WASH & hygiene and education. Moreover marginal farmers (at least 50 decimal land) and small land holders (51-100 decimal) in Bangladesh and others who have land for integrated crop, livestock and Fisheries program with ICT based technology delivery, quality inputs supply especially biofortified nutrients rich crops like high zinc rice & wheat, Provitamin "A" rich (high beta carotene) orange flesh sweet potato & Maize and iron rich lentil & beans etc. These are potential and very important for human consumption especially for under 5 childs, pre primary school or kinder garden school and primary school feeding, adolescent girls & boys and adult women are priority. Moreover, video based training (whole family) followed by ICT based monitoring and feedback for ensuring Food and Nutrition security, improving livelihood and sustainable. ICT based Technology delivery, asset transfer and inputs supply in group approach for ultrapoor, poor, marginal and small holders and effective monitoring and feedback are limiting at this stage in Bangladesh. There are cope and huge potential for expansion of nutrient rich bio fortified crops to targeted peoples in safety net programs in Bangladesh and beyond in Asia and Africa.

Take care and best regards -- Krishibid Dr. Md. Abdul Mazid