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Re: Youth Employment in Agriculture as a Solid Solution to ending Hunger and Poverty in Africa

Policarpo Tamele
Policarpo TameleEntrepreneurship Developement AgencyMozambique

In Mozambique, in recent years, there has been interest in young people in the agricultural value chain. Although young people view agriculture as suffering, a nightmare, which has no immediate results, many young people when they finish agricultural training do not follow up with their specialization, preferring more accessible jobs or jobs, such as commerce and finance.

My organization, the Agency for Development and Entrepreneurship, has led to acb in the last 4 years, a work of awareness and promotion and involvement of youth in the agricultural value chain. instill in young people that agriculture is also a source of employment, employability and self-employment when it is done with proper science and research.

One of the major problems and limitations, there has to be access to financing, since commercial banks require high interest rates. But we are doing policy advocacy work to influence the executive, private sector, to create accessible financial instruments or mechanisms, example Start-up.

There are some initiatives that we are carrying out, such as the implantation of Agro Incubator, rural development and gymnasium and creation of greenhouses.

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