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Re: Sustainable Development Goals - your story of creating a food secure world

Valentine  Obiasogu
Valentine Obiasogu University of Ibadan & The International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences, IITA agripreneur. Nigeria

When George Orwell wrote Animal Farm, his mission was different. Reading this book again and again is a reassurance that it has a message for every reader. In a world where food is scare, we also need to talk about the quality of the ones we produce. Just like crops, meat is a composition of the many activities that involves its production. Unethical meat production releases harmful deposits that may cause health issues if consumed. To this end, I advocate for Animal Welfare particular in Nigeria- Africa's most populous Nation. Animal welfare can be in degrees. Animal welfare for human well being can be said to be more appropriate in Africa where human welfare is still an issue. This is a way of meeting up to SDG2, of ensuring zero hunger, of creating a food secure earth.

Valentine Odinakachukwu Obiasogu
Department of Animal Science,
University of Ibadan.