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Re: Sustainable Development Goals - your story of creating a food secure world

John Ede
John EdeOhaha Family FoundationNigeria

Firstly in parts of Nigeria where the bulk of the food is being produced, is experiencing an upsurge in farmers/herders, clashes, some areas are seeing banditry and insurgency causing hunger and malnutrition, and deaths. 

To ensure we have a food-secure world in Nigeria, especially in rural farming communities in Nigeria, we are providing health and well-being services to the farmers and the herders in their communities, because we have learned that the health and well being of the farmers will ensure that farmers can produce food, and also save cost in accessing healthcare services, which would ordinarily be contributed to the food production.

We are also training and teaching local farmers on the need to form a cal association to access financial support from the government and other donor groups to increase food security. 

We are also training farmers on modern farming techniques, aimed at improving food production. Part of the training and local capacity building initiative include training farmers on soil health and different types of farming techniques to keep the ecosystem fit for continues use and maximize production.