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Re: Development of a Code of Conduct on Food Loss and Food Waste Prevention

Silvia Gaiani

@ Felicitas Schneider

Thank you for providing you interesting inputs! FLW prevention at source will be highlighted as the most preferable option, although as you mention it will not be possible to reduce FLW to zero. Thanks for raising the point to not rank composting and anaerobic digestion against each other – as you write, the most appropriate process for a specific situation/region depends e.g. on the characteristics of the FLW stream and the available infrastructure. Data availability and reliability remain central to reduce FLW.

@ A C Baker

Thank you for mentioning important topics such as farming animals, food security and sovereignty and the power to make better food choices, with less waste in the household. We agree that empowering small food producers might be one fo the key aspects in reducing food losses.