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Re: Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investments

Jean-Laurent Bungener
Jean-Laurent BungenerconsultantFrance

sorry, but as a little farmer in france in don't see any practical guidelines for investments in your document.

To implement food security there are for me three main principle given by the responsabilities of farmer to manage a common.

The first one is a security principle:

-implement grain storage capacity at the farm level to secure farmer food access and theire ability to control market risks

- invest on middle to long term production to protect the country side from climate change and provide energy supply (forest and water management)

- developp and identify potentially useful  new crops and animals.  this will help to continuously adapt crop production to climate change (biodiversity management) this include farmer formation in botanic and zoology at the village schools

The second one is based on ecological principle:

- manage the existing biodiversity to ensure that on a long term farmer could use this biodiversity for small scale business and benefit of fully efficient ecosystem services

- invest in short term technics like aquaponie and biochar that provide farmer with food and energy apart from seasonal fluctuations

- developp microclimate using ecoengeniring techniques to give the way to a larger amount of ecological niches including artificial ones

The third one is a socially based principle for farmer workforces

- invest in techniques that gives  the farmer the possibilities to developp   production with higher level of capital gain.those techniques would be  between handwork and industry  managed at the farm or the village level. Farmer could by this way benefit from higher prices issued from product transformation. In this techniques we could find aloso food conservation practices like freezing, lyphillisation or pasteurization.

- ensure that villager benefit from all the natural ressources including medicinal plant and that theire knowledge are well protected at the international level. This knowledge must also be transmitted from one generation to another including during school time.

- villagers as the first responsible for natural capital management must have the possibilities to edict particular laws for protecting theire commons. States, in that way, must provide the police or military forces necessary to reinforce the villagers decision.