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Re: Selection and Prioritization of CFS Activities for the Biennium 2016-2017

Pradip Dey
Pradip DeyICAR-AICRP (STCR), Indian Institute of Soil Science, BhopalIndia

I would like to propose the following topic:

On-line Plant Nutrient Recommendation.

Rationale: The farmers, especially for developing countries, urgently require timely and reliable information for taking decision on plant nutrition. At present, the farmers depend on trickling down of decision inputs from conventional sources, which are slow and often ambiguous, if not unreliable. The changing agricultural scenario that the farmers are facing today information not merely useful but necessary to remain competitive. Use of on-line fertiliser recommendation will ensure timely application of plant nutrients and thereby ensure profits and livelihood promotion in rural areas. It is possible to effectively integrate the system with GIS application. This will help in planning, advising and monitoring the status of crop stress conditions.

With warm regards,

Sincerely yours,

Pradip Dey