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Re: Innovations in agriculture to improve nutrition. Share your success stories

Madeleine Smith
Madeleine SmithThe SPRING Project - John Snow International- Research and Training InsituteUnited States of America

The USAID funded Strengthening Results, Partnerships, and Innovations in Nutrition Globally project staff had the opportunity to visit the USAID Feed the Future project: USAID | Yaajeende  in Senegal, which is led by the National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA), and focused on nutrition led agriculture. There are many successful innovations in this program, but one that stands out is the Community Based Solution Providers (CBSP) approach, which uses a network of community-based service providers and volunteers to sell and promote nutrition-sensitive products, services, and training. The CBSPs are selected by the communities where they live, and either provide or facilitate access to services and credit by working with larger input suppliers and financial institutions. The CBSPs buy in bulk, and are able to offer products in smaller quantities, and facilitate group purchases and access to credit in order to reach more vulnerable households with limited assets and purchasing power.

Some examples of items and services sold include horticulture and cereal crop seeds, iodized salt, bio-fortified and enriched flours, fresh vegetables, and animal feed. Other services provided include providing or facilitating access to finance and business planning, traditional and mechanized ripping, and crop insurance. An initial evaluation of the CBSP approach shows that individual CBSP micro-enterprises are profitable, and there is growing demand for nutrition-sensitive agricultural products and services. CBSPs have formed regional networks and leadership structures, which will assume the management, leadership, and quality assurance roles, as well as ensure the sustainability and continued growth of the networks.

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Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this highly interesting discussion.

Madeleine Smith

Agriculture Advisor

Strengthening Partnerships, Results, and Innovations in Nutrition Globally