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Re: Online consultations for a knowledge sharing platform on resilience

Awira Anthony
Awira AnthonyIntergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)Djibouti

Allow me bounce back into the discussion to share a few thoughts on setting the scene for an integrated knowledge sharing platform.

I recognize quite a lot has been mentioned about the need to avoid duplication  - but this time I would like to pick-up on the point of creating a living, innovative and action oriented platform. I recall in my last submission, I mentioned something about the challenge of maintaining a vibrant momentum in the platforms especially when membership is largely based on a voluntary basis.

I asked myself what incentives would keep a platform action-oriented. Tim pointed out an important issue on the increasing demand by NGOs, governments and other implementing agencies on the good practices that lead to real improved resilience. For as long as such a platform can provide valuable & visible benefits/services to its clients, the demand will be available and this would consequently keep the platforms action-oriented. I also think that by recognizing outstanding contributions of institutions & personalities including specific products and services generated through these platforms, this would significantly keep the fire burning.

A few additional thoughts on how a platform can be an information and a service provider:

  • 1- Clearly identify the knowledge management initiatives in a target area;
  • 2- Clearly identify what knowledge management products and services are most needed (and, therefore, most highly valued) by high-priority, clients, e.t.c;
  • 3- Clearly identify which of these key knowledge management products and 4- services are already satisfactorily provided by others in the target area;
  • 5- Clearly identify which of the gaps of the remaining key knowledge management products and services are in area where the platform can contribute significantly

Thank you