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Re: Online consultations for a knowledge sharing platform on resilience

Karine Garnier
Karine GarnierUSAIDUnited States of America

Many thanks for carrying this consultation.

I’d like to offer some reflections which pertain not only to this current week but also previous key questions.

There has been tremendous progress in the recent past to make knowledge sharing and learning as inherent part of all organizations to improve the quality of the programs and increase impact for the ones we serve: the vulnerable men, women, boys and girls.

Overall, I think we need have a better informed on the push and pull factors around KM for resilience. I think someone already touch on that point. 

Here at the USAID Center for Resilience which supports resilience across the agency we are utilizing a variety of external platforms which include Agrilinks, the Food Security and Nutrition Network and the USAID learning labs as well as some internal tools. As, Greg Collins, our director, mentioned in previous post, USAID also has participated in the FSIN resilience measurement working group.
I also would like to bring your attention on other relevant platforms such as the the upcoming and  such OCDE and World Bank platform on innovations.

We should ensure that the RECs’ needs and existing initiatives are also considered and involved  (i.e. IGAD has developed its resilience KM strategy which should be considered as well and include the IGAD Resilience Analysis Unit which has an important role in KM and learning including capacity building component for the member states).

Other global initiatives such as the Global Resilience Partnership should be also strongly involved as it already covers a wide and growing range of partners and initiatives.

Capacity development learning material and activities would be a good feature of the platform- could include link to existing trainings by partners, keep track of upcoming in person trainings and events. We can share with you the "introduction to Resilience at USAID" a Primer e-learning module which we released mid last year on Agrilinks. We are also working on Thematic Series on Resilience for USAID and partners which should be ready later this year.  

In terms of measuring the success of the knowledge sharing platform, I would recommend consulting this well done Guide to monitoring and evaluating knowledge management in Global Health programs which can be applied to other KM area.

These are some initial thoughts and I am happy to further engage.