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Re: Maximizing the Impact of the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition

Brenda Shenute Namugumya
Brenda Shenute NamugumyaWageningen University Uganda

UN Decade of action for nutrition should focus on fostering and strengthening multisectoral linkages and actions by stakeholders to improve nutrition outcomes. Focus on health specific or agriculture specific interventions alone may not result in sustainable change especially when malnutrition has been observed where there "seems" to be plenty of food as is the case in some regions in Uganda;  and also considering that most health systems in Africa arenot equiped to manage/treat all forms of malnutrition and their consequences. Social development, education, local administration, environment, trade, finance sectors among others have a crucial role to play, yet they are often not part of the policy processes  where nutrition is discussed/addressed.  Engaging with these sectors calls for: 1) Strengthen the mulitsectoral governance systems for nutrition to ensure all stakeholders/actors (nutrition experts and "catalysts" are on board and understand the nutrition agenda;  2) Build and strengthen capacity of cadres across the system (from top to frontline workers, and within academia and outside) to create a mass that will respond to the demand for nutrition services; 3) Advocate and lobby the different levels of governments to prioritise nutrition in the development agenda as well as in implementation (it is not enough to have policies in place, these need to be implemented); 4) Empower households/communities (put nutrition back into the hands of the people) to have a progressive pronutrition behaviour change; 5) Strengthen and invest in measuring of progress - what is working, how can this be scaled up, what is cost effective and within means of government.