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Re: Sustaining the Impact of Capacity Development Initiatives for African Youth in Agriculture

Tony  Nsanganira

Many thanks to all participants for the very valuable contributions posted so far and many more are certainly to be registered. Issues to be dealt with are very clear and I want to believe that through collaboration/partnerships a lot can be achieved in addressing them, building on/learning from what already works in some parts of the continent and beyond. 

Please allow me to share this very informative publication jointly produced by FAO, CTA and IFAD: Youth and Agriculture: Key Challenges and Concrete Solutions  

It highlights various challenges (relevant for this Forum's topic and most of which - if not all - have been posted here) and, most importantly, proposes some solutions with replicable success stories. It is a very important guiding material that we can all make good use of and let's also share it widely.  

At FAO, we look forward to keep strengthening collaboration with partner-institutions, among which youth organisations, as we take forward this very important agenda for Africa.