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Ministers and senior government representatives from Asia and the Pacific have committed to ensuring greater empowerment of rural women and girls to improve their standard of living, food security and livelihoods.
While the digital revolution is reaching rural areas in many developing countries, the rural digital divide continues to present considerable challenges. The problem is even more acute for women, who face a triple divide: digital, rural, and gender.
This International Women's Day, UN agencies in Rome will focus discussions on the role of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in supporting rural women's economic empowerment, voice and status.
“Sweden is happy to continue supporting a programme that has shown promising results and hopes that these new funds will convince other donors to join the partnership.”
Six out of ten international migrants reside in Asia and Europe, and a large share of them are from rural areas. Often, when these migrants settle into urban areas and find work, they send money back home to the families they’ve left behind.