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FAO's work on gender equality and women's empowerment at country level

Sanihan, like other beneficiaries of the project in the Ségou and Mopti regions, received training in good agricultural and pastoral practices as the project is linked to agropastoral field schools, and she is enrolled in a VSLA.
Purity Karemi was enrolled in a FAO training as part of an agribusiness project. The programme targeted youth in the area and prepared them to work in commercial agricultural product.
Smallholder farmers gain visibility that enable them for better bargaining in the market and also facilitate the sharing of best practices and opportunities.
With the demand for milk and milk products estimated to more than double by 2020, and the high percentage of rural households living without electricity, biogas digesters can provide an effective, clean energy solution for families in Tanzania.
Locally-made stoves reduce the health and safety risks for women and girls.