GIAHS - 全球重要农业文化遗产
Project meeting, Engaresero Maasai Pastoralist Heritage Area (Tanzania). © FAO/David Boerma.
©Cátedra Tierra Ciudadana
新冠疫情时期瓦伦西亚“L’horta”的恢复力 Amparo Aleixandre的日常工作与之前大不相同。这些天来,她通过短信接收订单,大部分订单来自附近的El Palmar。El Palmar是一个岛屿,距离瓦伦西亚只有几公里,有大约700名居民,被Albufera泻湖、水稻作物和果园所环绕。
João Roberto Ripper
As a result of the attentive screening and field survey conducted by the experts of the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG), « Traditional Agricultural System In The Southern Espinhaço Range, Minas Gerais » was designated as the first GIAHS site in Brazil: For more information regarding the Traditional Agricultural System of the Sempre-vivas flowers gatherers, please check the site's main features by clicking here For more information, please see the FAO official press release by...
Last month, the GIAHS Programme was under the spotlight of the Agroecology Newsletter from FAO. Discover how FAO and GIAHS are contributing to maintain and extend agroecological practices to the agricultural world with some concrete examples showcase the Zhejiang Huzhou system (China) and the traditional agriculture system of the island of Chiloé (Chili) by clinking here. If you are interested in learning more about agroecology around the world, click here to join...
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