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EAF-Nansen Programme

Transboundary demersal survey in the south East Atlantic


Click to enlargeA transboundary demersal survey in the South-Eastern Atlantic with the research vessel (R/V) Dr Fridtjof Nansen was organized from 28 February to 24 April (leg 2.1 and 2.2), and a mesopelagic transect was also organized from 27 April to 7 May.

The main objective of Leg 2 was to cover demersal resources of the continental shelf and upper slope with a regional survey that allows for synoptic overview of distribution and abundance of resources that may be shared across the region. In addition to determining distribution and abundance of demersal species and communities sampling was carried out to determine oceanographic conditions (including physical, chemical and biological), which included sampling for microplastics, and recording occurrence of marine debris.

Leg 2.1, covered the west coast of South Africa from 20 to 800 m depth, from the south (20 degrees east) to the border with Namibia, following the survey design as in 2010, including the position of the trawl stations while. Leg 2.2 covered the Orange Banks (27o30'S to 30o30'S to the depth of 1000 m.), for detailed mapping of the oceanographic conditions that are of importance for the distribution of M. paradoxus off the West Coast of South Africa.