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Ownership and institutionalization of MAFAP work in Burkina Faso

04 Dec 2017
In Burkina Faso, the Programme on Monitoring Food and Agricultural Policies (MAFAP) started its activities in 2011 in collaboration with the Department of Prospective and Operational Planning (DPPO) within the Ministry of Agriculture and Hydraulic Facilities (MAAH). MAFAP analyses, conducted annually by DPPO staff, have highlighted the existence of policy constraints hampering the proper development of key agricultural commodities. These results were taken into account and valued in the development of various strategic documents at national level.

The National Agricultural Infrastructure Programme (PNIA) 2014-2019 for instance includes among its objectives the development of storage, conservation and marketing infrastructures. The DPPO also participated in the drafting of the Policy on National Food Security and Nutrition, developed in 2013, which recognizes the importance of storage, processing and marketing infrastructures. This was all based on by MAFAP analyses.

 The consideration of MAFAP results is made possible by the presence, in the working and drafting teams, of one or more members of DPPO who have the opportunity to present and support them.

 The DPPO technical secretariat is committed to take ownership of the MAFAP methodology within the Ministry. With this in mind and in order to ensure the continuity of the programme beyond 2019, training sessions are regularly organized within the Ministry. The DPPO team was also requested by the University of Ouagadougou ll to provide a 40-hour module on the MAFAP methodology. To do this, the DPPO team will use MAFAP methodological modules for the analysis of price incentives and public expenditure.