FAO in India

Intensifying food systems and health - Emphasis on AMR in agricultural systems


An important meeting was organised by ILRI in coordination with ICAR, CGIAR, IDRC/CRDI to strengthen long-term partnerships of regional relevance, grounded on joint-work, between the CGIAR, Indian and other Asian lead institutes working on agriculture and health.

Agriculture produces food, and food is essential to lives and livelihoods, nutrition, incomes and environments. Food systems include all activities involving production, processing, transport, consumption and disposing of food. In low and middle-income countries, food systems operate largely in unregulated spaces and are rapidly intensifying and diversifying in response to growing demand. This brings both challenges and opportunities to mitigate AMR and AMU.

The main objectives of the meetings were;

  • To share cutting edge findings from food system and health projects with an emphasis on antimicrobial use, antimicrobial resistance, and foodborne disease
  • To build regionally relevant partnerships around intensifying food safety systems and health
  • To develop action-oriented recommendations and outline ways forward
  • To engage with policy makers and public

 The meeting was well attended by 50 experts from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. FAO has also participated in the meeting and presented the work done on AMR in India and future activities to mitigate the threats caused by AMR.