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16 Jul 2019
The FAO indigenous peoples team invites you to participate in the online consultation to finalize the Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition. These Voluntary Guidelines are developed by the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), an inclusive intergovernmental platform to ensure food security and nutrition for all. More information (here). The CFS approved through a similar process the Voluntary Guidelines of Land tenure (VGGTs).
15 Jul 2019
Indigenous youth from Indonesia, India and Mexico visited FAO headquarters to present the outcomes of the hard work they are doing at local level to revitalize their communities’ indigenous food systems. As part of The Indigenous Partnership Fellowship Program 2019, Chenxiang Marak from the Garo matriarchal community of North East India; Nofri Yani from Maningkabau matriarchal community of West Sumatra, Indonesia; Merrysha Nongrum from the Khasi matriarchal community of the North East India, and Edgar Monte Borges, from...
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