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FAO Fisheries Drawing Competition: youth winners announced
Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA)


FAO is pleased to announce the winners and runners-up from its 2013 youth drawing competition "Protecting our Fisheries – Inheriting a Healthier World". We congratulate all the finalists and thank all the competition entrants: we received 1,000 beautiful drawings from 50 countries. Well done to you all!

The winners for each category are:


6-10 years old
1. Ivander Japutra, aged 6, Indonesia
2. Aishi Basu, aged 8, India
3. Tiffany el Gomez Lazo, aged 10, Peru

11-15 years old
1. Ayrton Andrés Hernandez Correa, aged 12, Uruguay
2. Lord Ahzrin D. Bacalla, aged 12, Philippines
3. Atibu Tarawallie, aged 13, Sierra Leone

16-20 years old
1. Paul Kevin F Peralta, aged 18, Phillippines
2. Daniela Borislavova Karaivanova, aged 18, Bulgaria
3. Michele Tayamora, aged 17, Philippines


To see all the winning drawings:www.fao.org/climatechange/youth/78616/en/

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