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FAO Staff Day
Staff came together on 20 April to celebrate FAO's first ever staff day

Staff day was an opportunity for the staff to come together to recognize one another's work and show appreciation for colleagues. Staff across the decentralized offices and headquarters took part as the day brought together colleagues from across the world, in the efforts being undertaken by not only staff members but also consultants, PSAs and NPPs. In New York, colleagues Lila, Sharon, Toshi, Javier, Leyda, Rhitu, Linda, Gana, Francine and Lien, together with our volunteers Veronica and Lisa and Ny, our intern, gathered in the conference room and were treated with light refreshments while recognizing the value of each staff's contribution to the overall work of the team. The staff took part in an engaging pop quiz about FAO and were given small tokens for their participation in the exercise which was both fun and educational. Staff who devoted more than 10 years of service in FAO were given special recognition for their commitment to the work of the team.

The Staff Day was born out of FAO's "internal vision" statement, launched in November 2009 on "vision day" - which includes emphasis on staff working together as a team in order to deliver on FAO's mandate.




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FAO Staff Day
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