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FAO in Mongolia
FAO team led by Resident Representative Vinod Ajuha held a briefing meeting with H.E. Ulaan...
FAO Representation in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia invites you to express your interests to work on establishment...
Piloting the Climate-Smart approach in the livestock production systemsTCP was launched to adopt Climate Smart...

The mid term review for CPF Mongolia (2012-2016) was conducted in 2015.  The CPF has been extended till 2021 upon discussions the review results with national counterparts as there  is no need to change priority areas as set up priorities are in line with the government priorities for cooperation between FAO and the Government of Mongolia.    
Based on the situation analysis, government policies on food, agriculture and natural resources sectors, and the on-going FAO programs in Mongolia, the Country Programming Framework (CPF) 2012-2018 has identified four priority areas.
The areas are promotion of sustainable livestock; introduction of environment-friendly technologies; promotion of sustainable natural resource management; and development of value chain: improvement of food products, food safety standards, and food marketing.

Early Action to safeguard lives and livestock based livelihoods against potential Dzud in drought affected pastoralist areas

Since November 2017, using the FAO’s Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Activities (SFERA), FAO Mongolia has been implementing a pilot roject on early actions to protect key livelihood assets, in particular, to ensure the survival of pregnant animals, young stock and newborns of 504 vulnerable herder households in 5 soums of 5 aimags, where potential risks of the dzud were projected due to the adverse effects of past summer drought and pasture carrying capacity, which were exceeded many times.