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About the project

This project aims to raise awareness of the importance to provide incentives for ecosystem services. The project supports decision makers from public and private sector alike who are interested in implementing incentive mechanisms for the maintenance or adoption of technologies and practices that protect and improve ecosystem services provided by agricultural production.

It analyses the key-aspects of the political and legal framework and the institutional set-up which best supports the sustainable provision of ecosystem services by strong and equitable agreements between the provider and the beneficiaries of the service. It supports the dissemination of promising findings and experiences from case studies, through exchange with colleagues, supporting direct outreach to field projects and by linking with key institutions forming the project’s policy advisory committee fostering the dialogue on policy issues.

In more detail

To foster a substantiated debate on incentives for ecosystem services, we evaluate different key issues assuring incentives being sustainable such as a supportive and coherent policy and legal framework and efficient and effective impact assessment. The analysis makes use of case studies providing evidence from examples around the world on various different types of agreements, incentives and stakeholder involved to support the remuneration of a range of ecosystem services. The cases are studied to explore innovative approaches and to evaluate the potential for scaling up and replicating under different conditions.  

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