Crop Water Budgeting 2008-09

World Food Day 2008 Celebrations
World Bank -Evaluation of APFAMGS Project
Mission for drafting a Medium-Sized Project Proposal for funding under the GEF Trust Fund
Minutes of meeting with Dr. Parviz Koohafkan
APFAMGS participates in the meeting of UN Agencies
Video Conference with government officials in Tunisia
Orientation and Exposure trip to officers of Groundwater Department to APFAMGS project
Farmer Water Schools
Field Day Celebrations
May -June 2008



Presentation to the Parliamentary Forum for Water on 24 February 2009

FAO is invited to present before the  Parliamentary Forum for Water on the methodology and achievements  of APFAMGS project on 24 Feb 2009 from 15.30 - 17.30hrs.  The opportunity to make the presentation  came about after the success of the APFAMGS concept of Demand Side Groundwater Management with the participation of the community came to be acknowledged by the State Government as well as International Agencies. The presentation will be for >20mins and the discussion will be for more than an hour. The parliamentary forum on water has distinguished parliamentarians who have handled water issues for the last few decades.

List of Members



Shri Somnath Chatterjee

Speaker, Lok Sabha






Shri K. Rahman Khan

Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha 

Shri Charanjit Singh Atwal

Deputy Speaker, Lok Sabh

Prof. Saif-ud-din Soz 

Minister of Water Resources     

Shri Sharad Pawar

Minister of Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution  

Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh

Minister of Rural Development

Shri S. Jaipal Reddy

Minister of Urban Development

Shri Kapil Sibal

Minister of Science & Technology

Shri Rayapati Sambasiva Rao

Chairman, Committee on Water Resources

Member -Convener



Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiria


Members (Lok Sabha)



Shri Joachim Baxla



Dr. K. Dhanaraju



Shri Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa



Shri Santosh Gangwar



Smt. Jayaprada



Shri Sunil Khan



Shri A. Krishnaswamy



Shri M.P. Veerendra Kumar



Shri Sadashivrao Dadoba Mandlik



Shri Hemlal Murmu



Shri Ram Chandra Paswan



Shri Balasaheb Vikhe Patil



Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu



Shri Sippiparai Ravichandran



Shri Arjuncharan Sethi



Shri Rajiv Ranjan ‘Lalan’ Singh*



Shri Chengara Surendran



Shri Rajesh Verma



Shri Sitaram Yadav



Shri Kinjarapu Yerrannaidu


Members (Rajya Sabha)



Shri Varinder Singh Bajwa



Shri Swapan Sadhan Bose



Dr. M.S. Gill



Shri Sharad Anantrao Joshi



Dr. K. Kasturirangan



Dr. K. Malaisamy



Dr. Gyan Prakash Pilania



Shri Jairam Ramesh



Shri K.B. Shanappa 



Shri Nand Kishore Yadav


Permanent Invitee 



Shri Jyotiraditya M. Scindia



World Food Day 2008 Celebration
Achievement of local Food Security and nutritional health has been a target that APFAMGS project has been focusing while improving water use efficiency. As part of this objective all the Hydrological Unit Networks (HUN’s) have been observing World food Day on 16th October year after year. This year also the World Food Day was observed by all the project partners of APFAMGS with great enthusiasm.

Food and nutrition survey undertaken by the project over 2 years was used as an indicator to stimulate discussions amongst the community to take up appropriate crop plans that ensures food crops being part of crop plan and also those crops that provide the nutrition and energy.  The farmers have been taking of the need for production of more food locally using limited resources. The farmers have been encouraged to conserve and make sustainable use of important wild species for meeting the nutritional demands. The need to buffer against income fluctuations due to climate variability have also become for discussions in the HUN’s and GMC’s.

The World Food day event drew a mix of participants drawn from the farmers, school children, intellectuals, government officials, NGO’s and elected representatives. Various events were conducted across the project in the form of assembling in central places, followed by march with WRD messages, followed by competitions and speeches by scientists, farmers and politicians.

The World Food Day Observation has received very good press coverage commending the project’s initiative in raising critical issues of food and nutrition vulnerability which is a matter of great concern of the poor.

PNGO wise Photo Gallery

Crop Water Budgeting Borwshop (2008-2009)

Annual Crop Water Budgeting (CWB) is scheduled for November 2008. The time table for the workshop is as follows.
date wise :

HU Name 
Date of CWB workshop
Prakasam CARVE Mekaleru 03.11.2008 Tadivaripalli
Prakasam DIPA Uppuvagu 05.11.2008 RCM Cummunity Church 
Prakasam CARVE Naidupalli Vagu 05.11.2008 Naidupalli 
Kurnool BIRDS Buchamma konetivanka 06.11.2008 Sivalayam, Peddabodanam
Prakasam CARVE Tarlupaduvagu 06.11.2008 Bhupatipalli
Prakasam DIPA Rallavagu 07.11.2008 Akkapalli
Kurnool BIRDS Rallavagu 07.11.2008 Ashramam, Muthaluru
Prakasam CARVE Bodducherla Vagu 07.11.2008 Bodducherla 
Anantapur GVS Kothakunta 08.11.2008 RDT School, M.C.Thanda
Kadapa PARTNER Bokkineru vagu 08.11.2008 Kondrajupalle
Kurnool BIRDS Chandravagu 08.11.2008 M.P.P.School, Kondampalle
Prakasam CARVE Seetanagulavaram 08.11.2008 Anjaneyaswamy temple-Seetanagualvaram
Kurnool BIRDS Chinneru 09.11.2008 Geetha Public School, Rudravaram
Prakasam DIPA Narsireddipallivagu 10.11.2008 Anumulapalli
Chittoor GVS Nakkillavagu 10.11.2008 Elavanellore
Kurnool BIRDS Yerravanka 10.11.2008 Syed Thota, Settiveedu
Prakasam CARVE Chinna Uppu Vagu 10.11.2008 Shivalayam temple-Vemulakota
Kadapa PARTNER Tandrasilavagu 11.11.2008 Middela
Kurnool BIRDS Peddavanka 11.11.2008 Sivalayam, Kolumulapeta
Kadapa PARTNER Taduku vagu 12.11.2008 Kalasapadu
Kurnool BIRDS Lothuvagu 12.11.2008 Temple, Thippanapalle
Nalgonda SAID Sattammakunta 12.11.2008 Ragadapa
Kadapa PARTNER Erravanka 13.11.2008 Chennareddy palle
Kurnool BIRDS Bavanasi 13.11.2008 Muthyalapadu
Mahboonagar CARE Manda vagu 13.11.2008 Mannanoor
Prakasam DIPA Palamotuvagu 14.11.2008 Akaveedu
Kadapa PARTNER Mulabandalavagu 14.11.2008 Narasapuram
Kurnool BIRDS Konetivanka 14.11.2008 Sivalayam, Madduru
Nalgonda SAID Ulsaipalem 14.11.2008 Ulsaipalem
Anantapur SYA Bellamvanka  15.11.2008 Kothapeta,Near NH7
Chittoor GVS Rommonivagu 15.11.2008 Mittapalli
Kadapa PARTNER Erravagu 15.11.2008 Amagampalle
Kurnool BIRDS Thundlavagu 15.11.2008 Ashramam, Alamuru
Mahboonagar CARE Chandra sagar 15.11.2008 Achampet
Prakasam SAFE Bogolu 15.11.2008 Bogolu
Kurnool BIRDS Peddavagu 16.11.2008 M.P.P.School, R.K.Puram
Prakasam DIPA Peethuruvagu 17.11.2008 RCM Cummunity Church 
Anantapur SYA Mynapuramvanka 17.11.2008 Laxmi thanda,Eeram Field
Prakasam CARVE Miitameedipalli Vagu 17.11.2008 Shivalayam temple-Mittamidipalli
Mahboonagar CARE Mallappa vagu 18.11.2008 Achampet
Nalgonda SAID Bhasker Rao Kunta 18.11.2008 Goniya thanda
Prakasam SAFE Chavatavagu 18.11.2008 Turimella
Anantapur SYA Maruvavanka  20.11.2008 Basinepalle
Chittoor GVS Diguvaetigaddavagu 20.11.2008 Chembakuru
Prakasam CARVE Yadala Vagu 20.11.2008 Naidupalli
Prakasam SAFE Singarayakonda 20.11.2008 Yerrabalem
Anantapur SYA Upparavanka 21.11.2008 Karidikonda
Nalgonda SAID Mallappa vagu 21.11.2008 Balenipalli
Prakasam CARVE Peddanagulavaram Vagu 22.11.2008 Nikarampalli
Prakasam SAFE Jampaleruvagu 22.11.2008 Shivalayam temple-Ardhaedu
Prakasam CARVE Kanugalavagu 24.11.2008 Aanjaneyaswamy temple-Biminipalli
Nalgonda SAID Natiganicheruvu 25.11.2008 Kukkadam
Prakasam SAFE Vemuleruvagu 25.11.2008 Vemuleru HUN office-Pitikayalagulla
Prakasam CARVE Erra Vagu 26.11.2008 Retlapalli
Anantapur SYA Vajralavanka  27.11.2008 Peapully,High School
Nalgonda SAID Nukayanicheruvu 27.11.2008 Gurrappaguda
Prakasam CARVE Pulivagu 28.11.2008 Aurangabad
Prakasam SAFE Kakarlapeddavagu 28.11.2008 SAFE office-Cumbem
Anantapur SYA Peddavanka 29.11.2008 Peddavadugur,ChennareddyField 
Nalgonda SAID Kondesikunta 29.11.2008 Sundarnager
Kurnool SYA G.Maruvavanka 30.11.2008 Nyamathabad
Prakasam CARVE Lingojipalle Vagu 30.11.2008 Surapalli
Prakasam SAFE Sudhakuruvavagu 30.11.2008 Lingapuram

World Bank -Evaluation of APFAMGS Project

World Bank as part of Analytical and Advisory Activity (AAA) “Towards New Groundwater Strategies in India: Investing in Groundwater Management for Responsible Growth” has been carrying out an independent evaluation of the economic impact from the APFAMS project.The evaluation is being carried out under the overall supervision of Sri. Sanjay Pahuja Environmental Specialist, South Asia Environment and Social Development Unit, the World Bank, New Delhi. Prof. R.P.S. Malik from Delhi University and Consultant to the World Bank is entrusted with the responsibility of interpreting the field data collected through an exhaustive survey of 905 farmers spread over  the project and non project area.

  Type of Sample
Sample Size
  Groundwater User Households in Project Areas
        - Field Crops Area
        - Horticultural Crops Area
  Non Groundwater using households in project areas
  Groundwater user households in non project areas
  Total Sample Size

Prof. Sharma Head of the Department of Anthropology, Central University has been responsible for the field surveys. He along with his team of researchers have completed the field survey of all the 900 farmers. The field survey data have been computerized using the SPSS software and the data forwarded to Prof. Malik for analysis.The data analysis has been going on earnestly and Prof. Malik and Sanjay Pahuja have been comparing the results with APFAMGS project database to validate the results. If everything goes on schedule the results of the survey should be available by middle of November 2008.

Mission for drafting a Medium-Sized Project Proposal for funding under the GEF Trust Fund

FAO-India as part of  its effort to sustain the APFAMGS project has been  interacting with the Global Environment Fund (GEF) for a follow-up project. Ministry of Environment and Forests which is the GEF operational focal point for India have endorsed the proposal entitled “Reversing Environmental Degradation and Rural Poverty through Adapatation to Climate Change in Drought Stricken areas in Southern India: a Hydrological Unit Pilot Project Approach”  as a one of the sub projects  under Sustainable Land and Ecosystem Management Program (SLEM) programme.

A Project Preparation Grant (PPG) has been provided for putting together the content of PIF in the form of Medium Sized Project (MSP), suiting the norms of GEF. It is envisaged in the PPG that a multi-disciplinary team of experts will be hired to put together the MSP.

The proposal is looking at broadening the scope of the APFAMGS  institutions established under the on-going programme for handling groundwater management at Hydrological Unit (HU) level to extend its role for managing the broader issues of soil, land, water, crops as part of the effort to adapat to the impact of climate change. 

The evaluation team will combine among its members the following fields of expertise:

  • Environment and Climate change
  • Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Institutional development and gender mainstreaming
  • Farmers’ Field Schools, Non Formal education and capacity building
  • Project Document Preparation
  • GEF/FAO Financial and management procedures and formats

The team will be composed by six team members, who together will cover all the fields of expertise listed above.

The mission is fully responsible for building the proposal in the desired format before 15 November 2008.

Minutes of meeting with Dr. Parviz Koohafkan
Dr. Parviz Koohafkan, Director, NRL  along with Ms MaryJane DelaCruz, paid a visit to APFAMGS project TST Office on 6th Aug 2008. He spent two hours meeting with Nodal Chief, PNGO’s and TST team.

Dr.Khan briefed the team that his visit to India was part of the follow up  workshop on  Climate Change held in Rome and he was on his way to attend a two day meeting on Agri Heritage programme at

MSSwaminanthan Institute Chennai. He also informed that he was currently in-charge of all NEX programmes.

Dr.Khan was given a presentation on the progress in APFAMGS project since his last visit 4 years ago. After listening to the presentation he complimented the APFAMGS team for  successfully demonstrating on the farmers fields an alternative participatory approach to groundwater management.

 He had the following general comments.

  • APFAMGS should examine the scope of linking HRIS (data set on water resources for minor basins) for updating with the country level information as a local module  with the AQUASTAT software.( He wanted to be reminded on this after he is back in office
  • APFAMGS should try to work with CROPWAT for planning irrigation practices and assessment of production under varying irrigations.
  • He wanted details of the discussions with Tunisian government for further follow-up. (He wanted to be reminded on this after he is back in office).
  • Learn more of SPHERE-MIS software functional in Tunisia for implementing in India.
  • Work towards the multi donor supported Uni Lateral Trust fund Programme for supporting APFAMGS programme in the coming years.
  • Pursue with GEF proposal, promised to follow it up.
  • Create a Farmer Movement to act as a pressure group to take the learning’s of APFAMGS to policy level.
  • Move into new areas of work especially in area of Climate Change ( Management of rainfall in Dry Land Areas, Managing Soaring food Prices through appropriate farm level interventions, Strategic management of timely availability of Seeds through Community Seed banks).
  • Market  the Concept Farmer Water School as Consultancy to other countries
  • Prepare a scientific paper for the International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Develop 10 mins Video for FAO Video Library
  • Invite Information Officer of FAO for developing a story material on APFAMGS
  • Conduct Auto Evaluation prior to FAO Evaluation and submit to FAO Evaln team .( Promise to send the format- remind on this after he is back in office).
APFAMGS participates in the meeting of UN Agencies with the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Committee for the Welfare of Women and Children and Disabled Welfare (13th August 2008):

At an interaction on 13th August at the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, UN Agencies led by Michael Saint-Lot (State Representative, UNICEF)made a presentation to the Legislative Committee for the Welfare of Women and Children and Disabled Welfare. The presentation  gave the committee an overview of the status of Andhra Pradesh in the areas of education, health, malnutrition, infant & maternal mortality, human trafficking, sex selection and participation of women in agriculture. While highlighting the achievements of the State, the presentation also discussed the challenges and compared the status of Andhra to that of the other Southern States - Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. 

APFAMGS provided the inputs to the UN team in the area of  Food security, nutrition and Agriculture. Paul Raja Rao Nodal Chief and Ram Babu NGO chief GVS, represented APFAMGS made the presentation.

The presentation was followed by a detailed discussion on the issues presented. The Members of the Legislative Committee asked a number of questions and offered their suggestions. The UN Agencies present at the discussion responded to the questions posed by the Legislators.

The UN team proposed that, as a follow up to the meeting, we could facilitate detailed interactions on each of the issues presented. It was agreed that the first would be a field trip of the Legislative Committee to Medak (a UNICEF integrated district) on 30th August. This would be followed by other interactions/field visits. It was clarified by the Assembly that expenses for field visits within the State would be borne by them.

 Following colleagues from the UN were present at the interaction:
1. UNICEF - Michel Saint - Lot, Sudha Murali, Vikas Verma
2. ILO -  K. Krishnamoorthy
3. UNODC - R. Gunashekar, Swasti Rana 
4. FAO - V. Paul Raja Rao, Ch Ram Babu (APFAMGS Project)
5. UNRC Office - Radhika Kaul Batra

 In addition to the above, following are the other activities scheduled with the Legislators of Andhra Pradesh:

* An interaction on Water and Sanitation during the Monsoon Session. Tentative dates are 27th or 28th August.
* A field visit by the Legislators to Maharashra to see examples of district based planning. Facilitated by UNICEF.


Government of Andhra Pradesh invites APFAMGS to establish the pilot model for artificial recharge of groundwater through dug wells
Ministry of Rural Development Government of Andhra Pradesh which is responsible for the implementation of Government of India funded programme of Artificial Recharge of Groundwater through 7.37lakhs Dug wells has invited APFAMGS to establish the pilot model for recharging abandoned open wells initially for 100 wells in Kurnool district, followed by another 900 in the 7 districts where APFAMGS operates. The pilot will focus on testing the appropriate design, methodology of identification of farmers, required hardware, awareness generation and methodology of execution. APFAMGS shall initiate the work in June 2008 and complete in two months.

Video Conference with government officials in Tunisia
APFAMGS experience with Demand Side Management of Groundwater was shared with the government officials of TUNISIA. Tunisia is one of the few countries in North Africa which has taken several initiatives in managing water demand for making the most of available water resources.

A Video Conference (VC) between APFAMGS from Hyderabad (India) and Officials involved with water management from various ministries assembled in Tunis (Tunisia) was held on 21 May 2008. The  VC was a World Bank Initiative led by Sanjay Pahuja –Environment Specialist World Bank, New Delhi,  and Julia Bucknall, Natural Resource management specialist,  World Bank, Washington. 

APFAMGS was represented in the VC by Mani, Das and Paul Raja Rao along with Sanjay from WB. At the Tunis end, Julia was the convener as well as the interpreter. One Deputy Minister and Ten Senior officials represented the various water Ministries. The Conference started with a power point presentation by APFAMGS for 30 m minutes followed by question and answer session for over an hour.

The learning’s from APFAMGS were considered very useful by the Tunisian participants. They were keen to visit APFAMGS and learn things in person.  Julia was sure that the VC would be help guide the development of a World Bank funded programme on Participatory Aquifer Management for Tunisia. APFAMGS offered to conduct a two week learning workshop in French for the government officials on Demand Side Groundwater Management as well as arrange for field visit to the farmers from Tunisia.
Orientation and Exposure trip to officers of Groundwater Department to APFAMGS project

Groundwater Department officers responsible for implementation of the groundwater component of the World Bank funded Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Programme (APCBTMP) visited two villages forming part of APFAMGS project in Chittoor District Andhra Pradesh from 5th to 8th May 2008.

30 officials drawn from 13 districts participated in the orientation-cum-exposure visit  involving 2 days of technical presentation related to Data management by the community, role of institutions, Farmer Water

Schools, Crop Water Budgeting, improved water us efficiency,  Crop Diversification, Food & Nutrition, computerized data base, GIS and Information kiosk.

Two days were devoted to field visits to Deguvalambamvaripalli, Talaripeddapalli habitation in Diguvaetigadda Hydrological Unit and MC Thanda in Kothakunta HU. The farmers conducted the field tour by showing Groundwater Monitoring Committee (GMC) role, minutes, and establishment and monitoring of rainfall, water levels, discharge, and data display boards, Crop Water Budgeting (CWB), implementation of crop plans matching the water available.  Artificial Groundwater Recharge (AGR) structure (Injection well) in the tanks were shown. In Talaripeddapalli village the officers saw steps to improve Water Use Efficiency (WUE), improving soil moisture holding capacity and intercrops. Water saving method, through drip, sprinkler were also shown.  In M.C.Thanda village the officers saw Sub surface dam and recharge through Dug wells.

The participants clarified all their doubts by interaction with farmers.  The last day the participants shared and consolidated their learning’s. The participants saw the video film developed by the local NGO GVS on the on going programme. The Information Kiosk and Habitation Resource Information System (HRIS) data base were demonstrated by the farmer facilitators

Farmer Water Schools Field Day Celebrations     (May -June 2008 )                                                         Top

APFAMGS has successfully completed another year round Farmer Water School (June 2007-May 2008). As part of the graduation ceremony Field Day celebrations are planned, when the farmers will demonstrate their learning’s through exhibits (models, charts, documents, arts).

The significant part of this Field day will be the total ownership of the responsibility by the Hydrological Unit Network (HUN). A major in initiative has been taken by the NGO’s in handing over responsibilities (Financial, Managerial, and Technical) to the registered people’s Institutions HUN’s from January 2008. It will be these HUN’s that will be fully responsible for the conduct of the field days.

The calendar for field days is

PNGO Date HU Name Time Venue
BIRDS 30/5/2008 Lothuvagu vanka 03.00 PM-06.00 PM El.School-Thippanapalli
BIRDS 30/5/2008 Chinneru 10.00 AM-02.00 PM Sivalayam,Rudravaram 
BIRDS 2/6/2008 Thundlavagu 10.00 AM-02.00 PM Ashramam, Alamuru
BIRDS 3/6/2008 Peddavagu 10.00 AM-02.00 PM El.School, R K Puram
GVS 3/6/2008 Kothakunta 11.00 AM-02.00 PM M.C.Thanda
CARVE 4/6/2008 Chinnauppuvagu 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM Vemulapeta School, Vemulapeta
BIRDS 4/6/2008 Yerravanka 10.00 AM-02.00 PM Mudurallapalle
SAFE 4/6/2008 Kakarla(pedda)vagu 10.00 AM-02.00 PM Market Yard, Cumbum
SAFE Chavatavagu
SAFE Bogoluvagu
SAFE Singarayakondavagu
SAFE Suddakuruvavagu
SYA 5/6/2008 Peddavanka 11.00 A.M - 1.30 P.M Brahmanandareddy thota, Peddavaduguru
CARVE 5/6/2008 P.Nagulavaramvagu 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM Pedda nagula varam school
BIRDS 6/6/2008 Rallavagu 10.00 AM-02.00 PM El.School,Narasapuram
GVS 6/6/2008 Nakkilavagu 11.00 AM-02.00 PM Elavanellur
SAID 6/6/2008 Mallappavagu 11.00 AM-02.00 PM Balnepally UPS School  
BIRDS 7/6/2008 Chandravagu  10.00 AM-02.00 PM Ramathirtham temple
DIPA 7/6/2008 Palamotuvagu 10.30 AM - 1.30 PM Sivalayam, Akaveedu
CARE 7/6/2008 PNGO level 11.00 AM - 03.00 PM Farmer field, Achampet
SYA 7/6/2008 Maruvavanka 11.00 A.M - 1.30 P.M M.K. Suryanarayana thota, Basinepalli
CARVE 7/6/2008 Yadalavagu 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM Naidupalli school
BIRDS 8/6/2008 Peddavanka 10.00 AM-02.00 PM Sivalayam, Kolumulapeta
PARTNER 8/6/2008 PNGO level 9.00 AM - 01.00 PM Jyothi Kshetram 
CARVE 8/6/2008 Sita Nagulavaram vagu 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM Anjaneya swamy temple, Sitanagulavaram
BIRDS 9/6/2008 Buchammakonetivanka 03.00 PM-06.00 PM Pedda Bodhanam
BIRDS 9/6/2008 Bavanasi 10.00 AM-02.00 PM S.P.G.H.School, MutyalaPadu 
DIPA 9/6/2008 Uppuvagu 10.30 AM - 1.30 PM Church complex, Thaticherlamotu
SYA 9/6/2008 Upparavanka 11.00 A.M - 1.30 P.M Near Petrol Bunk, Karidikonda
SAID 9/6/2008 Ulsaipalem 11.00 AM-02.00 PM Ulsaipalem UPS School 
CARVE 9/6/2008 Erravagu 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM Rolagumpadu School
BIRDS 10/6/2008 Konetivanka 10.00 AM-02.00 PM S.P.G.H.School, MutyalaPadu
SAID 10/6/2008 Kondeshikunta 11.00 AM-02.00 PM Agamotkuru High School
SAID Nukanayunicheruvu
SAFE 10/6/2008 Vemuleru vagu 10.00 AM-02.00 PM Anjaneyaswamy Temple – Basinepalli
GVS 10/6/2008 Rommonivagu 11.00 AM-02.00 PM Gundevaripalle
CARVE 10/6/2008 Lingojipallivagu 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM Kasinayana temple, Lingojipalle
DIPA 11/6/2008 Peeturuvagu 10.30 AM - 1.30 PM Church complex, Thaticherlamotu
SYA 11/6/2008 Vajralavanka 11.00 A.M - 1.30 P.M  Silk farm, Kalachatla
SAID 11/6/2008 Bhaskarraokunta 11.00 AM-02.00 PM Adavidevulapally school 
CARVE 11/6/2008 Mittamidipallivagu 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM Kodepalli School
SAID 13/6/2008 Nathiganicheruvu 11.00 AM-02.00 PM Gramapanchayat, Indugula
DIPA 13/6/2008 Narsireddypallevagu 10.30 AM - 1.30 PM Janmabhoomi building, Mandal office,Racherla
SAFE 13/6/2008 Jampaleruvagu 10.00 AM-02.00 PM Residential School Ground - Ardhaveedu
SYA 13/6/2008 Mynapuramvanka 11.00 A.M - 1.30 P.M Eearam thota, Lakshmi Thanda
GVS 13/6/2008 Diguvaetigaddavagu 11.00 AM-02.00 PM Kappalli
CARVE 13/6/2008 Pulivagu 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM Temple at Ravipadu
DIPA 14/6/2008 Rallavagu 10.30 AM - 1.30 PM Ramaswamy temple, J.Pullala cheruvu
CARVE 15/6/2008 Mekaleruvagu 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM Farmer Field, Tadivaripalle
SYA 16/6/2008 Bellamvanka 11.00 A.M - 1.30 P.M Community Hall, Kothuru
SYA Gooty Maruvavanka
CARVE 17/6/2008 Kanugulavagu 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM Anjaneya swamy temple, Jammanapalli
CARVE 18/6/2008 Bodicherlavagu 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM Anjaneya swamy temple, Bodicherla
CARVE Tarlupadu vagu
CARVE Naidupallivagu