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Country profiles

The country profiles describe the state of water resources and agricultural water use in the respective country. Special attention is given to the water resource, irrigation, and drainage sub-sectors. The aims are to describe the particularities in each country, problems encountered in rural water management and irrigation, and to summarise the irrigation trends. The country profiles have been standardised and organised in six sections:

  • geography and population
  • climate and water resources
  • irrigation and drainage development
  • institutional environment
  • trends in water resources management
  • main sources of information

The country profiles are based on the most recent information, which was available when the profile was written. The country profiles presented have been developed in the framework of AQUASTAT - FAO's information system on water and agriculture and are currently being updated under project GCP/INT/861/JPN.

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More country information can be found in FAO's Water and Food security country profiles.

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