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Events Calendar
18 - 22 August, 2014 | Strengthening Agricultural Water Efficiency and Productivity on the African and Global level
Thematic Workshop of the Entry Phase of the Project

This thematic workshop which will take place at FAO HQ from 18-22 August marks the final step of the Entry Phase of the project “Strengthening Agricultural Water Efficiency and Productivity on the African and Global Level’. The project will be implemented by FAO together with the Partnership for Agricultural Water in Africa (AgWA) with the overall goal to reduce hunger and poverty in three pilot African countries - Burkina Faso, Morocco and Uganda - by improving Agricultural Water Management (AWM) practices and mainstreaming them in national frameworks and processes.

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August 31 - Sepemeber 5, 2014 | FAO at the World Water Week
MENA Nexus Seminar: Regional Cooperation for Sharing Solution

The seminar concentrates on a nexus approach to sustain water, food and energy security in the MENA region under the influence of expected climate change.

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Eye on Asia

As Asian economies thrive, there is a pressing need for policymakers to balance demand for water from competing sectors. Water, food and energy security become increasingly critical to sustaining growth, and alleviating these concerns requires new approaches to resource management and innovative thinking to change the current trajectory of increasing water stress and expanding environmental degradation.

3 events on Eye on Asia:

arrow 1. "India’s Power for Irrigation Challenge"
arrow 2. "Vitality High & Energy Low –Critical Challenges for East Asia"
arrow 3. "Critical Upstream-Downstream and Intersectoral Challenges in Water Resource Management"

  Exploring the Added-Value of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

The water-energy-food Nexus has emerged as a key concept for describing the complex and interrelated nature of our global resource systems. It provides a conceptual approach to better understand the interactions between the natural environment and human activities, and to work towards a more coherent approach to natural resources management in light of different and often competing development goals. The seminar will take a critical look at the “Nexus” and what it adds to cross-sectoral planning and implementation.

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Innovations for More Food with Less Water and Less Energy

The seminar will raise awareness and engagement of the irrigation and water community in innovative thinking for improving productivity of water as a key dimension of the water-food-energy nexus.

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arrow This event is connected to the seminar "Putting Drip Irrigation in Perspective: Reality Check on the Promises of a Technology"

15-17 January 2015 | Zaragoza, Spain
UN-Water meeting: Means of implementation to deal with water scarcity 
23-27 March 2015 | Viña del Mar, Chile
Latin America Water Week: session on Water and Food Security         
25-27 March 2015 | Dresden, Germany
Nexus Conference                       
12-17 April 2015 | World Water Forum | Korea
High-Level Panel on Water for Food Security                       
13-18 September 20 | Rome, Italy
Aqua2015 Conference                       
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