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Project Office:
P.O Box 521 Kampala
Email: info@faonile.org

We are a performance driven project that employs a team of Ugandan and international professionals, and that works closely with counterpart staff of all ten Nile riparian countries. Technical guidance is provided by experts from the Water Service and the Development Law Service at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy. Project activities are linked to the regular program of FAO. Our external partners include the Georgia Water Resources Institute in Atlanta, USA, and the Faculty of Law of the University of British Colombia in Canada. The project is implemented under the umbrella of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) and we are working closely with a number of the Shared Vision Program (SVP) projects.

The project office is located at the compound of the Water Resources Management Department in Entebbe, Uganda. The close vicinity of the Secretariat of the Nile Basin Initiative and the national office of the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Program provides a stimulating and international atmosphere.

If you are interested in working with us, please check our job opportunities. Applications should be sent to vacancy@faonile.org

Opportunities for National Consultants

We currently have no open positions for national consultants.

Opportunities for Regional Consultants

We currently have no open positions for regional consultants.

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