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Hydrometric Workshop in Gitega-Burundi

Basic hydro-meteorological data is essential to support informed decision and policy making regarding the shared Nile water resources.

The project has introduced modern hydrometric instruments to reduce operating costs and to increase the sustainability of data acquisition. A substantial training program accompanied the introduction of these new technologies.

Mr. Jetty Masongole, hydrometric expert from Uganda, facilitated a one-week workshop for hydrometric technicians in Burundi. The event took place from 11 to 15 December 2006 at the Institut Geographique du Burundi (IGEBU) in Gitega. Aim was to strengthen counterpart skills in operating and maintaining the sophisticated equipment.

Theoretical sessions were alternated with field exercises. The trainees studied electronic data acquisition systems, built an Automatic Weather Station, and got hands-on practice in trouble shooting.

The workshop covered the following instruments:

• Automatic Weather Station from Campbell Scientific
• Float Operated Shaft Encoder from Ott Hydrometrie

A separate session was organized to transfer data to MS Access. Routines were practiced for data processing, quality control, and analysis.



Trainer and Trainees

building the Automatic Weather Station
transfering data to MS Access
scenes from Gitega