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Expert Meeting on Future Demand for Agricultural Produce in the Nile Basin

An expert meeting will convene on 20-21 November 2006 at the premises of the Nile Water Sector in Cairo, Egypt, to identify and examine major drivers of demand for agricultural produce in the Nile Basin.

The event is in support of the ongoing exercise to develop a set of policy relevant scenarios, describing equally plausible but alternative futures with respect to agricultural production and food security in the 10 riparian countries for the year 2030.

The expert meeting is facilitated by Dr. Peter Schütte from Nyenrode University, the Netherlands. Participants include resource persons from FAO, key stakeholders, and selected experts from the region.

Information on future demand for agricultural produce in the Nile countries is needed to estimate agricultural water use in the year 2030. This requires a set of demand scenarios describing possible futures in terms of population growth, the distribution between rural and urban populations, nutrition patterns, the development of commercial agriculture, and other drivers.---------------------------------------------------- scenes from Cairo


Developing the Scenario Logic
Nile Basin Scenario Framework