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Communication Strategy for the Project

A task force was established to produce a comprehensive communication strategy for the project.

With the aim to foster confidence building and creating a Nile Basin community, the spirit of Nile cooperation currently established among water professionals and leaders needs to be extended to a wider spectrum of stakeholders.

The information products developed by the project could contribute to this process.

The developed strategy directs the project’s communication activities towards:

• Strengthening the knowledge of government officials, decision-makers, and the general public on the physical characteristics of the Nile basin, and the national issues and interests of the riparians and respective stake-holders.
• Timely informing decision-makers and the general public on possible future resource scarcity in the Nile basin in order to have sufficient lead time to develop effective adaptation strategies.

Main communication tools include posters, scenarios of the future presented as easily accessible narratives, and the project’s web site. Further tools include stories for children and a photo contest, which are expected to promote awareness at early age of the shared Nile future.

Activities are harmonized with the SVP Confidence Building and Stakeholder Involvement (CBSI) project.