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Project implementation is directed and supervised by the Project Steering Committee (PSC). It will monitor project progress and review and endorse annual workplans. National PSC members will liaise with line ministries and relevant national programs to ensure that potential synergies are captured. The National Coordinator (NC), who is a PSC member, will coordinate project activities at the National Focal Point Institution.


Mr. Innocent Dudu (NC) Director General IGEBU
Ambassador Stanislas Nakaha (PSC Chairperson), Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Mbuyulu Bela Mpotizolo (NC), Chef de Division au Mettelsat
Mr. Arly Batumbo, Mettelsat

Dr. Abdel Fattah Metawie (NC), Head, Nile Water Sector
Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation
Mr. Ahmed Bahaa el Din, Director Technical Office, Nile Water Sector Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

Mr. Mebrahtu Iyassu (NC), Director General, Water Resources Department
Ministry of Lands, Water and Environment
Mr. Tesfamichael Keleta, Director, Water Resources Assessment and Information Division Ministry of Lands, Water and Environment

Mr. Teshome Atnafie (NC), Head, Irrigation and Drainage Development Studies Department, Ministry of Water Resources
Mr. Wubeshet Demeke, Head Water Resources, Information and Meta-database Centre Ministry of Water Resources

Mr. Peterson Nyaga Njiru (NC), Water Resources Management Authority
Mr. Eugen Mnyamwezi, Water Resources Management Authority

Mr. Robert Muganga (NC)
Mr. Sylvère Munyaneza, Prime Minister’s Office

Eng. Ahmed Mahmoud Abdalla (NC), Director of Technical Office
Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources
Eng. El Rayah Mohamed Hamed, Director of Nile Water Resources Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources

Mr. Julius Mihayo (NC), Assistant Director, Water Resources Department
Ministry of Water and Livestock Development)
Mr. Faustin W. Masanja, Principal Hydrologist Ministry of Water and Livestock Development

Mr. Fred Kyosingira (NC) Principal Hydrologist, Water Resource Management Department, Ministry of Water and Environment.
Mr. Nerbert Wobusobozi Commissioner Water Resources Management Department.

Mr. Giuseppe Cirillo, Head of Mission
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Italy
Directorate General for Development Cooperation

Ms. Maria Pia Rizzo
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Italy
Directorate General for Development Cooperation

Prof. Guido D’Urso, Representative of the Italian Cooperation
University 100 Portico, Italy

Mr. Pasquale Steduto, Chief of Water Resources, Development and Management Service Land and Water Development Division

Mr. Aleksander Zaremba, Senior Programme Officer


• The Project Steering Committee shall be comprised of two members nominated by each of the participating countries, two representatives from the Donor, and two representatives from FAO HQ. The Executive Director of the Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat will be invited to participate in the PSC meetings as observer. The project Chief Technical Advisor (CTA), who is not a member, will act as secretary to the PSC. The CTA will prepare draft workplans, summary reports, and other project management documents, as required.
• The PSC, among other responsibilities, directs project implementation, reviews and endorses project work plans, and monitors project progress. The PSC further provides regular advice and recommendation to FAO, as executing agency, on project implementation and all project related matters.
• The PSC will take responsibility that appropriate mechanisms are in place to ensure close cooperation, coordination, and exchange of project results with other related activities of the NBI program, and vice versa.
• The PSC will report regularly to the Nile Council of Ministers of Water Affairs (Nile COM) through the Nile Technical Advisory Committee (Nile TAC) on all project matters, including progress, outputs, and coordination issues.
• The PSC shall meet annually on a regular basis. Ad hoc PSC meetings will be organized as needed. These extraordinary meetings should, to the largest extend possible, coincide with project regional workshops or other regional meetings in the Nile basin.

PSC meeting in February 2005 in Entebbe, Uganda