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• Consolidated Nile-DST; a number of facilities in the River Simulation and Reservoir Operation (RS-RO) Module of the Nile-DST have been updated
• Documented system structure of the Nile-DST
• Expanded Nile-DST knowledge base; a two-week regional workshop is organized in September 2006 to undertake training in Nile-DST technology and application

Cooperation with the SVP Water Resources Planning and Management Project

The regional workshop is organized jointly with the SVP Water Resources Planning and Management Project, and will take place at their premises in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Upon completion of the workshop, Nile-DST activities will be handed over to the SVP Water Resources Planning and Management Project.


Under a contract with FAO, the Georgia Water Resources Institute developed the Nile Decision Support Tool (Nile-DST). It was released by the Nile Council of Ministers for Water Affaires (Nile COM) in February 2003. The Nile-DST is a prototype software that models the entire Nile system and serves to assess the trade-offs and consequences of alternative cross-sectoral and basin-wide development scenarios.

A comprehensive capacity building program accompanied the introduction of the system. It aimed to transfer DST know-how to the Nile countries and consisted of three regional training workshops, each with duration of two or three weeks. To broaden the Nile-DST user base, trainees conducted national Nile-DST workshops for their colleagues after returning home.

The Project Formulation Mission identified a need to further internalize and consolidate the Nile-DST. The activity, however, is limited in scope as further development of decision support systems in the Nile basin is being implemented by the SVP Water Resources Planning and Management Project.

Nile-DST opening screen
Niile-DST application window