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Partnership for agricultural water for Africa
AgWA Steering Committee/Partners meeting in Addis Ababa

AgWA Meeting

This two-day meeting in March 2014 gathered representatives from different AgWA partner organizations such as FAO, WaterNet, IFAD, COMESA, IGAD, IWMI, CILSS, ARID, the Swiss Cooperation, the European Union and CARE International.

Participants reviewed the different activities implemented by the Partnership during 2012-2013 and discussed on future projects and activities for 2014-2015. In addition to this, governance and financial aspects of the Partnership for the next biennium were also open to debate.

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NEW e-Book Title
Coping with Water Scarcity | Water Report # 38
©FAO/John Isaac

Water scarcity is one of the most urgent food security issues facing countries of the Near East and North Africa (NENA), with fresh water availability in the region expected to drop by 50 percent by the year 2050, said FAO, as ministers of agriculture and national officials prepare to tackle the issue at a meeting, at FAO HQ in Rome, of the organization's highest regional governing body.

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frecciaNews article: Impact of water scarcity on food security a priority for Near East and North Africa
New brochure now available to download

The new brochure for AQUASTAT, the worlds most quoted source on global water statistics, is now available for download in English, French and Spanish.

AQUASTAT offers users the chance to consult 180+ variables on water resources, water uses, irrigation and drainage, from 1958 to date, for 200+ countries and territories.

New Aquastat Brochure
Download the Brochure:
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Application of MASSCOTE in Near-East countries

The Performance Analysis presented in the reports is drawn from the applications of the MASSCOTE and MASSPRESS auditing procedures on 7 selected irrigation systems in the followingv countries in the NENA region: Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Tunisia and Lebano.

MASSCOTE is a methodology aiming at the evaluation of current processes and performance of irrigation systems and the development of a project for modernization of Canal Operation.

frecciaSynthesis of Masscote Applications in 7 Systems of NENA Region
frecciaProceedings of the International Workshop on“Irrigation Modernization in NENA Region: Current Status and Future Trends
FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 66
Crop yield response to water now available as an e-book

Last years popular publication 'Crop yield response to water' has now been made available as an interactive e-book for use on your iPad, Kindle or tablet.

The publication has been divided into 3 distinct chapters and joins other selected FAO publications as part of the FAO e-book collection. Now available for the first time ever on these increasingly popular platforms.

FAO IDP 66 e-book
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Promotional Material: 2014 FAO Desktop Calendar
The April 2014 desktop calendar is now available!

Download your calendar, selecting your screen size to open the calendar image in a new window then right click on the image and select 'Set as Desktop Item' form the menu.
FAO Water Promotional Material photo ©FAO/Christena Dowsett
April 2014:
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