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The State of the World's Land and Water resources for food and agriculture
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FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 67
Multiple uses of water services in large irrigation systems -
Auditing and planning modernization The MASSMUS Approach
FAO IDP 67 This publication expresses the rationale for multiple use of water services for large irrigation systems and demonstrates how managers can optimize, rather than simply tolerate, multiple uses. It also illustrates how consideration and appropriate management of multiple uses can benefit an irrigation system by improving performance and enhancing sustainability. The aim is to provide readers - irrigation managers and designers - with guidelines, steps to follow and leads that will allow them to perform multiple uses or services investigations in their own irrigation systems unearthing all services, the obvious and the hidden, and to document them using local data and surveys.
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AQUASTAT: Global water information system
New transboundary surface water flow visualizations
Almost two-thirds of the countries in the world have rivers flowing into their territories from upstream countries. AQUASTAT, FAO’s global water information system, created interactive visualizations to observe the flow of surface water from one country to another. Two different chart types have been prepared: Sankey charts and Network charts, They both are interactive, so mouse-over and drag & drop! capacity development to support national drought management policies - © FAO

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Crop yield response to water
Irrigation and Drainage Paper now available in Spanish
Crop Yield Response to Water

Abstracting from the scientific understanding and technological advances achieved over the last few decades, and relying on a network of several scientific institutions, FAO has packaged a set of tools in this Irrigation and Drainage Paper to better appraise and enhance crop yield response to water. This groundbreaking paper has now been released in Spanish.

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Cubango-Okavango River Basin Water Audit (CORBWA) Project
Project synthesis report now available to download
FAO has provided support to the Permanent Okavango River Basin Commission (OKACOM) since the year 2000 through the implementation of the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Management of the Okavango (EPSMO) project, on which this Cubango-Okavango River Basin Water Audit (CORBWA) builds.

This report presents a synthesis of sixteen thematic reports which describe the different components of the CORBWA in the three riparian countries of Angola, Namibia and Botswana and at basin level.

A series of Basin and Country background reports have also been added, and a version of the synthesis report in Portuguese will soon follow.
Okavango project
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NEW e-Book Title
Coping with Water Scarcity | Water Report # 38
©FAO/John Isaac

Water scarcity is one of the most urgent food security issues facing countries of the Near East and North Africa (NENA), with fresh water availability in the region expected to drop by 50 percent by the year 2050, said FAO, as ministers of agriculture and national officials prepare to tackle the issue at a meeting, at FAO HQ in Rome, of the organization's highest regional governing body.

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frecciaNews article: Impact of water scarcity on food security a priority for Near East and North Africa
New brochure now available to download

The new brochure for AQUASTAT, the worlds most quoted source on global water statistics, is now available for download in English, French and Spanish.

AQUASTAT offers users the chance to consult 180+ variables on water resources, water uses, irrigation and drainage, from 1958 to date, for 200+ countries and territories.

New Aquastat Brochure
Download the Brochure:
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Multimedia : Discover Water
This ten-minute guided tour is intended primarily for people who are not familiar with the relationship between water, agriculture, food security and poverty. The reader will also learn about effective ways of managing agricultural water.

Take this 10 minute guided tour to learn about the relationship between water, agriculture, food security and poverty. Learn about effective ways of managing agricultural water.

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