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world bankThe project Water and the Rural Poor aims at raising the international focus on rural poor's access to water and understanding how water-related investments can benefit livelihoods and contribute reducing poverty in rural areas.

FAO, with the financial and technical support of IFAD, started a collaboration to define the linkages between agriculture, water, and rural livelihoods in developing countries, with particular emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa.

The goals are to (a) establish a more operational relationship between FAO and IFAD in the water sector; (b) increase focus on the link between water and the rural poor in FAO and IFAD; (c) provide inputs for the development of IFAD's strategy on water and the rural poor; (d) carry out an assessment of the contribution of agricultural water (rain-fed and irrigated agriculture, water for livestock and fisheries) to rural development with a pro-poor rural livelihood focus; (e) strengthen IFAD's and FAO's positions as innovators and learning institutions in water and rural poverty alleviation.

The project makes extensive use of FAO expertise as well as IFAD technical advice. It also builds on the specific experience and knowledge residing at FAO regional and subregional offices, as well as international consultants, technical and policy experts, including in-country representatives, local institutions and other relevant stakeholders, especially in the fields of agricultural water use and rural livelihoods.


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