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New Posters for World Water Day 2013!

Two great new posters are now available for you to download.The first, produced in collaboration with the United States Geological Survey, shows how the Water in Nature is always the same amount in a constant cycle, and another, an infographic on Water Cooperation, shows how we use, and sometimes abuse, water around the world.

Download the Kids Poster on the Water Cycle:
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Download the Infographic on Water Cooperation:
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Animation on Water for Food All You Eat
Very few people realise how much water is needed to create the food we eat or the clothes we wear. This 30 second promo created for the World Water Day 2012 campaign focuses on this issue.
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'How Much water' quiz game

FAO Water Promotional Material photo Swiatek WojtkowiakA question and answer game for your classroom produced for World Water Day 2012. Print out the PDF file on your printer. The teacher holds up a food card and members of the class or audience guess how much water is needed to make up that commodity. The closest to the actual amount is the winner of that round. The winner of the most rounds wins the game. Certificates are also included in case you want to reward the winners of the game.

frecciaDownload the Quiz game
'There's Water on your Plate' interactive game
Produced by FAO Water in association with One Drop for the World Water Day 2012 Campaign. Users can drag and drop food items onto their plate to create a complete meal choosing at least one food item from each of the three major food groups. A water meter will calculate the water footprint of your meal. Users should try to make a meal with a low water footprint.

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FAO Water Posters
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FAO Water Promotional MaterialFAO Water Promotional MaterialFAO Water Promotional MaterialFAO Water Promotional Material

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Educational posters: Virtual Water. Discover how much water is embedded in every product

Virtual WaterTo produce food, water is consumed by the plants in the field through evaporation and transpiration. The amount of water needed varies with crops and depends from place to place, on local productivity and conditions of available water supply through rainfall or irrigation. Once the product is harvested and becomes available on the market, the water embedded in the product changes status from ‘real’ water to ‘virtual’ water. In this poster you can see how much water is "embedded" in each product and discover how much water is needed to produce it.

frecciaDownload your Virtual Water poster

FAO Water papers on Virtual Water:
frecciaValue of virtual water in food: principles and virtues
frecciaVirtual water in food production and global trade
FAO Water on YouTube
Most of FAO Waters Multimedia animations and video content is now available to view on our dedicated YouTube page.
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