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Modernization of Irrigation Systems
international e-mail conference on irrigation management transfer (2001) organized by FAO and INPIM

The Land and Water Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the International Network on Participatory Irrigation Management (INPIM), with the support of the Ford Foundation, held the International Email Conference on Irrigation Management Transfer, in June 2001. The specific aims of the conference were to initiate exchanges about experiences world-wide with Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT) and to identify various factors leading to success or failure.

Why Irrigation Management Transfer - IMT

In recent years, many countries around the world have embarked on a process to transfer the management of irrigation systems from government agencies to water users associations (or other private sector entities). Professionals in many countries are in the process of considering or adopting such reforms. Some are still unsure about whether to adopt reforms and how to design and implement them.

There is a desire among many to share in a world-wide forum questions and experiences about how to design and implement IMT. The Conference was designed to create a platform for this. It also provided a networking opportunity for participants. The Conference was held in two sessions.

First Session

The First Session was held in June 2001. It included registration and collection of basic information about participants, including their priority topics of interest. Participants were invited to read and respond to an Overview Paper and make further comments and suggestions on priority issues.

To this end background material was posted on the Conference web site with case study papers about IMT in Mexico, Turkey, USA, Indonesia, Colombia, India and the Philippines, and short profiles of IMT experience in a range of other countries. A synthesis of the comments were distributed among participants but interactive exchanges did not begin until the Second Session.

Second Session

The Second Session was held in September and October 2001. On each Monday starting from 4th September onwards, a short 2-3 page Issue Brief on a selected topic was prepared by a Topic Moderator and disseminated to all participants. Participants were then be invited to submit comments on that topic via the list server address. In the Second Session, exchanges on a given topic continued for several weeks, depending on interest.


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