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Modernization of Irrigation Systems
Modernization of Irrigation Systems
Crop Water Management


The great challenge for the coming decades will be the task of increasing food production with less water, particularly in countries with limited water and land resources. Conservation of available water resources for agricultural water use is the overall aim of the FAO Water Services in its support to member countries. Crop Water Management is a key area to optimize crop production with limited and dwindling water supplies.

Crops and Drops: or increasing the production per unit of water is the overriding aim of this programme. Several introductory concepts and papers can be consulted on-line.

 Concepts and definitions
The different concepts on crop water management are explained and a glossary of definitions including terms in water use and water management such as: crop water requirements, crop evapotranspiration, crop water productivity, irrigation scheduling, effective rainfall, supplementary irrigation.

Crop water information
Crop response to water will vary strongly from crop to crop depending on its specific genetic characteristics and adaptation to ecological conditions. The specific crop water information for the different crops is compiled in a crop-based data base. This includes crop water parameters, yield response to water, as well as specific crop water management practices.

An extensive data base on crop water studies can be consulted.

Crop water productivity
Crop water productivity is the amount of water required per unit of yield and a vital parameter to assess the performance of irrigated and rainfed agriculture. Crop water productivity will vary greatly according to the specific conditions under which the crop is grown. FAO has initiated a programme to address the issues and consulted a panel of consultants on procedures to assess crop water productivity. The programme outline and various papers can be consulted on line.
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