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6th World Water Forum
Water Quality
Multiple use of water MUS
Water Scarcity
Water and Food Security
Theme Water & Food Security
The 9 Targets
T1: Rainfed agriculture
T2: Irrigated agriculture
T3: Productivity
T4: Wastewater
T5: Water storage
T6: Planning
T7: Groundwater
T8: Food waste
T9: Small-holders
    Information Resources
Modernization of Irrigation Systems
Modernization of Irrigation Systems
6th WORLD WATER FORUM – Marseille 2012

The 6th World Water Forum aims to be the forum of solutions. It addresses twelve thematic priorities intended to cover all issues related to water management including targeted sector review, and the issues of financing, governance, and knowledge.

FAO and the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) are coordinating the preparations for the theme “Contribute to food security by optimal use of water” (thematic priority 2.2).

This theme will be scrutinized through a series of interactive sessions including a highlevel policy dialogue on the 13 March and 11 thematic sessions on the 14 to 16 March. It aims to help understand the current challenges and future options in first a set of introductory sessions and then detailed sessions to move from 9 priority targets into action with promising solutions. These series of sessions will set building blocks to develop action plans to ensure food security and increase food production. The proposal is to think of combining a set of solutions along the food chain - from field to fork - and along the agricultural water use chain in its water systems – green falling, blue flowing and grey reused.
In addition, it aims to inform the cross-cutting issues contributing to other themes – i.e the water, food and energy nexus; theme 2.1 on balancing multiple use of water; theme 2.3 on water and energy (biofuels) among others; as well as regional dialogues where water and food security issues are key.

Since January 2011, FAO and ICID have been engaging a growing number of experts in the preparation process through online surveys and sessions at high level conferences. The aim is to continue engaging more experts both online before the Forum and face to face during the Forum to ensure that interested people have an opportunity to influence action plans and recommendations on water and food security on the water agenda.


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