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Our activities involve

  • Promoting lifelong healthy eating habits
  • Going beyond the classroom: involving the whole school, families and the community
  • Establishing school “learning” gardens: linking classroom lessons with practice
  • Developing national guidelines for better diets and nutrition
  • Creating environments that support good nutrition and healthful food choices
营养教育不仅仅是学习有关食物和营养素,而是学习什么做和如何采取行动,改善营养。 营养教育及消费者意识小组提供技术支援,协助国家制定政策和计划,提高公众对吃得好意识的重视。并且改善 食物的环境,提供健康食品选择和建立个人和机构的能力去培育营养饮食,促进身体健康。

Infographic on the role of food and nutrition education