FAO in Pakistan

Capacity Development in Carbon Balance Appraisal of Projects and Policies: Ex-Ante Carbon Balance Tool (EX-ACT)


A three day training on ‘Capacity Development in Carbon Balance Appraisal of Projects and Policies: EX-ACT’, was held at the FAO representation in Islamabad. The aim of the meeting was to familiarize participants on the use of ex- ante carbon balance tool.

This training was useful in providing an overall knowledge of utility and implication of appraising the carbon balance of Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use Change (AFOLU) investment projects and policies.

It was an effort to develop the capacity of experts from the AFOLU sector in Pakistan and to appraise the carbon balance and mitigation impact of AFOLU projects and policies using EX-ACT.

Participants included forest conservators across Pakistan , programme officers from Ministry of Climate Change , academicians and experts from FAO-Soil/NRM expert, livestock specialists, and agronomist.

This training is essentially aimed at enabling the use of EX-ACT for the analysis of AFOLU development projects and the interpretation and utilization of EX-ACT as a dimension of the project design process.

Linking of carbon balance appraisals to the concepts of Climate-Smart Agriculture and carrying out an indicative GHG analysis of respective projects was also explored at the training.

Participants got together for a group photo with Mr.Patrick T. Evans, FAO on the final day of the training.