Technical Advisory Group on Methane: call for experts


Enhancing methane emissions assessment for focused climate action 

The livestock sector is a contributor to global human-induced greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions. Major GHGs from feed and livestock production include methane (CH4). Because it is a short-lived climate pollutant, reducing emissions of methane can lead to easy gains in climate change mitigation.

Last year, at the side event held by FAO LEAP during COP25 in Madrid, partners pointed to novel approaches to assess methane emissions  enabling to enhance GHG inventories and to improve carbon footprint assessments and strategies for low-carbon livestock and food security.

Further to additional discussion at the Steering Committee, FAO LEAP decided to form, as part of the work programme 2019-2021, a new Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to improve the guidelines on GHG emissions assessment. The TAG on methane will be composed by international experts with different backgrounds, complementary between systems and regions,

Today FAO LEAP opens the call for expressions of interest for experts with a proven track record in research in the field of plant science, animal science, life cycle assessment, livestock production systems, soil science, climate science, ecology, environmental chemistry. All qualified individuals from all world regions are  encouraged to apply by sending the CVs to [email protected]. The deadline for applications is 28 October 2020.

More details on tasks, work plan, deliverables and application procedure for TAG members are available in the Terms of Reference.