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Сокращение масштабов нищеты в сельских районах


Year Title Type
29 Jul 2019 Inclusive Agriculture and Rural Transformation Video
22 Jul 2019 Reduce Rural Poverty Brochures
19 Jun 2019 FAO Extreme Rural Poverty Framework Publications
18 Jun 2019 Launch of the FAO Framework on Rural Extreme Poverty Video
15 Oct 2018 Ending extreme poverty in rural areas Publications
2017 Yapasa - Creating decent work for rural youth Video
2016 Social Protection in Near East and North Africa. Regional Trends
2016 FAO Dimitra Clubs in Niger - Access to Water and Land Video
2017 Stepping Stones towards Climate Change Resilient Communities in Rural Senegal Video
2013 Dimitra Community Listeners' Clubs for Food Security and Women's leadership - Gasseda, Niger Video
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