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Saclepea-Mahn DAO Cheers FAO-MoA Partnership

Saclepea-Mahn DAO Cheers FAO-MoA Partnership


Saclepea-Mahn’s District Agriculture Officer (DAO), Ben K. Saye, has applauded the high level of collaboration and team spirit subsisting in Liberia between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) in the District as “wonderful and upbeat.”

“We are the host of FAO and do provide them office space which is another big sign of our collaboration” in the field of agriculture. Mr Saye expressed satisfaction over FAO/MoA way of doing business in the field as being a key factor for the many success stories the two sides continue to achieve. “As a result of FAO’s interventions and through our collaboration, agriculture especially food production has improved greatly not only in Saclepea area but also in Bahn Camp for Ivorian refugees and surrounding communities that have attained a reasonable level of food security.”

According to him, due to this improvement in food stock levels in the District, the number of refugees and host families coming to Saclepea Town in search of food has reduced. He attributed the overall success to sustained efforts of FAO, MoA, and other agricultural sector partners.

Regarding FAO’s relevance in other districts of Nimba County, Mr Saye said: “Frankly speaking, my colleagues (DAOs) in Gbelegeh and Zoe-Geh Districts have given me positive results of FAO’s work because numerous food insecurity cases have almost disappeared as people have prioritized farming and not only depend on food aid.” He indicated that cases of emaciated refugees and some host residents that were prevalent in the District are almost a tale of the past due to the improved and better diets attributed to the production of nutritious vegetables and rice.

“Some farmers including refugees are now selling crops because  they have enough to eat, and that is a clear sign that we have all done well.” He then lauded FAO for the monthly stipends that he used to received but was quick to add that since 2013, not a dime has come forth. “I am appealing for the resumption of the stipend so that we can be empowered to procure additional fuel and do more monitoring and follow ups.”